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FamilyMart (Huxi, Penghu)

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  • No65,Huxi village,Huxi Countryside,Penghu county
  • 06-9923338
  • 24 hours

In recent years, Beiliao Kuibishan of Huxi township has become a very popular tourist attraction. The Family Mart convenience store Huxi shop is within a 5-minute drive from this beautiful scenic spot. Beiliao’s "Kuibi Uniting Brightness" is one of the eight scenic spots of Penghu. In early times, on a full moon night, the ocean waters east of Kuibishan was covered in islands and fishing boat lights which, coupled with the shining moonlight, mirrored the beauty of the starry sky, from which sprang the name Kuibi Uniting Brightness. Now, however, this beautiful scene is no longer available. Today, Kuibishan’s main tourist attraction is the “water walking” trail. The intertidal zone from Chi Island to Kuibishan is covered in water at high tide. However, in low tide, as the water recedes, an S-shaped basalt trail appears with low pools of water on both sides. The trail winds all the way out to Chi Island. Standing on the shore, an observer may feel like Moses dividing the Red Sea in the Exodus. It is just this beauty that has fascinated so many tourists over the years.

Bus, car, and motorcycle.