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  • 382, Lane on the 3rd paragraph Yuanlin, Changhua County, Zhongshan
  • 04-8396655

Yuanlin, Once preserves the kingdom, but with the changing times, people have forgotten that the reputation. For this reason we have set up in Changhua County,the first home of cultural and creative hotel, hoping to Yuanlin in place traditional culture assigns new full release, will people remember the sweet taste of acid again into Yuanlin people's lives."Love and Hope" is our mind, looking forward to "love" to let everyone feel "hope" "hope" to make "love" grow strong, with our mind, so that the morning sun is not just the memory of the inn , the journey is always better to be your friend, and I miss home City sour sweet taste of honey, just a starting point not the end.   We want to make people feel more love to the beauty of the city of honey.

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