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Qigan Lake Recreational Lake

  • FoodToiletWi-Fi
  • No.241-1, Yushi Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 02-2293-21629
  • 11:00~21:30(Closed on Monday)

Qigan Lake is said to be named by a successful candidate of the imperial exam of the Wu Family in the Ming Dynasty, who came back from the capital in China to glorify the ancestors for having blessed him in passing the exam. The royal court offered him numerous flags to add up the sentiment of honor to be posted on the road by a lake. The name of Qigan Lake was thus formed.


1.Get off at Wugu Interchange heading towards Bali township and enter Xinwu Road and continue for 1 kilometer and turn left to Cheng Tai Road for 100 meters and turn right to Yushi Road and tern the Luzhu Community Qigan Lake farm.
2. Turn left from the Quandu Bridge onto Chengtai road and continue for three kilometers and turn right on Yushi Road for thee kilometers and enter Lvzhu community Qigan Lake fram.
3. Take 64 Highway and proceed to Wugu Interchange Exit 2 and go on to Zhongxing Road section three and turn right to Xinwu Road and turn left onto Chengtai Road and turn right on Yushi Road for three kilometers and enter Luzhu Community Qiganhu Farm.