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738 Heavenly Lake Square Cultural & Creative meal

  • FoodToiletWi-Fi
  • Miaoli County, South Zhuang Xiangdong Village 25 o 16 Heavenly Lake
  • 037-823922
  • Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 18:00

738 Xiangtian Lake cultural & creative restaurant located in Xiang-tien tribe, Nan-zhuang, Miaoli. It is the most traditional Saisiyat tribe which reserves the Saisiyat language completely. There are also have a lot of tourists because of the Pastaai ceremony. Pastaai ceremony has been held biennially and celebrated tremendously for a decade. The restaurants have been operated by local people. In these restaurants, you can feel the energy of local people and find the original culture. It would have the DIY experiences and some cultural creative activities irregularly.

Public transportation: By Taiwan Tourist Shuttle:Walk form Zhunan Train Station to Zhunan East Station, and then take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus number 5804A to Nanzhuang Visitor Center, and then transfer the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus number 5824A to Xiangtian Lake. Bus Stops of bus number 5804A between Zhunan Station and Nanzhuang Visitor Center: 1. Miaoli Bus Inc. 2.Toufen Backtard Garden 3. Sanwan 4.Lion’s Head Mountain Historic Trail Entrance 5. Longmenkou 6. Gueijhuling 7. Nanzhung Junior School 8. Nanzhung Bus Stops of bus number 5824A between Nanzhung Visitor Center and Xiangtian Lake: 1. Dongjiang Village 2. Hengpingbei Tribe 3. Dinghe Suspension Bridge Driving yourself:From the Zhunan Station Along the County Road number 124 straight for about one hour. Turn left Heavenly Lake township roads about half an hour will arrive.