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Chin-Yi-Hsuan Herb Garden Restaurant

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  • No.90-9, Xinkai, Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City 844, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 07-6791699

Located in the beautiful six turtle mountain into the old hot spring area, along the way can enjoy the mountains and rivers of the mountain scenery, green streams, came to the Qing Yi Xuan, with logs built wooden huts, vanilla and flowers around, so guests can feel here Relaxed and pleasant, the display of cultural relics in the store, playing the elegant scholarly music, there are coincidental frog called with the birds of nature sounds of nature, where the feelings of our dining environment to create a warm dining environment. Cooking materials, mostly from their own cultivation, natural farming pollution-free cultivation of fruits and vegetables, so that consumers eat clean and healthy without burden, the original research and development of anti-oxidation of toon dishes, fruits and vegetables, early taste, plum meal, etc., are Is the store high popularity food products. There are tourists who have tasted the restaurant, and the customers are given positive comments. Rare leisure time, welcome to Qing Yi Xuan here can meet your vision, hearing, taste a good place, Qing Yi Xuan has always been the operating principle, authentic, with the heart will be passed on.

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