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Guanshan Water Park

Guanshan hydrophilic park is Taiwan's first green park, the park planning leisure bike lane around the park, and Guanshan ring town bike lane combination, visitors can enjoy riding a horse tour mountain, you can watch wild birds and natural ecology, Relaxation of the Guan Shan hydrophilic park for a fun in the entertainment place. Its vast area, the total area of ​​34 hectares, the use of the new Wu Lu River and rich underground source, planning for the rural atmosphere of the hydrophilic, not only no pollution, it is extremely cool. In addition, the park also provides parking, rest, catering, rallies, park information, education display, commentary and other related services, and the main facilities are viewing pavilions, view of the stars, birds and other birds. The most special is a length of about 800 meters of the ribbon-like artificial lake, the lake over the grass and tree-lined, for the habitat in the lake a variety of wild birds to provide a secret shelter, visitors watch wild birds and water swim The excellent location of the fish, if boarded the tall viewing platform, but also overlooking the town on the pastoral scenery.

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