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Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria

Enjoy Fields, Gardens and Natural Food For the complete strawberry experience, head for No. 38 Bishan Road, and you will pass the romantic Tongxin Pool. This once-desolate spring has been made into an ecological wetland in the shape of double hearts, and is very lovely. Next, turn a small corner, and the scene before you resembles another country – this is the Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria (穠舍田園咖啡義大利菜), founded by a local farmer, Lin James. Lin's ancestors and parents lived and ran a farm here, but following the development of tourism in the Baishihu Lake community, he changed the old farmhouse hidden in a bamboo forest into a restaurant with its own inimitable style, and installed equipment for kids' games like hopscotch outside, allowing everyone to share in the fun here. The lunch dishes provided are also very characterful. For example, the spinach fettuccine and flat fettuccine, which combine olive oil with fried fresh seasonable vegetables, giving every bite a great natural taste; this aside, the series of dishes made with the farm's own strawberries, such as strawberry pancake and strawberry au lait, can't be missed. No pesticides or growth hormones are added to the strawberries, which are small, sweet, tart and juicy. Combined with fresh hand-made cream, they warm the heart and delight the eyes, and also taste great.

1. Bus: Take Bus BL27、247、267、222、521、551、552、256 to "Maoshang Sancun" Stop or 21 、278、28 to "Silidaren Gril High School" Stop and transfer S2 to"Sightseeing Strawberry Park" Stop, then walk about five minutes 2.MRT: MRT Neihu Station, Exit 1, walk to No.452, Sec. 2, Neihu Rd. "梘頭福德祠" and transfer S2 to "Sightseeing Strawberry Park"Stop, then walk about five minutes