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Shun Yi Wood Factory

  • PlayWi-Fi
  • No. 909, Wenhua Rd, East District, Chiayi City
  • 05-2322441
  • 8:30AM~5:30PM


Shun Yi wood factory, which have been run by the second generation for years, has a 50 years history in Chiayi city’s lumbering. In order to promote wood industry to actively transform to the field of outdoor education and tourism, Shun Yi is currently under preparation of Ai Kimura sightseeing factory. Ai Kimura sightseeing factory will feature Taiwan’s five major types of coniferous wood’s story, other variety of coniferous broadleaf wood’s story, and a lot of fun activities, which allows visitors to experience the wooden art. Moreover, souvenir area sells different series of wooden daily necessities, wood series oil commodities, cultural and creative goods, crafts…etc. the factory will become a great place for tourism and relaxation .


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