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TAIYEN Tourism Factory

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  • No.122, Neidao, Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 037-792121 #825
  • weekdays 08:10-17:00 /weekends 08:30-16:30

In order to improve the salt quality of the people, the government introduced Japan's advanced ion exchange membrane electrodialysis salt method, and in June 64 to complete the construction of Tong Xiao Jing salt plant, supply the national salt demand. The other also use the process of production of pure condensate, production and packaging of drinking water products. And in the Republic of China 100 years to set up Taoyuan Xiaoxiao tourist park, combined with our factory unique salt production process, the surrounding tourist attractions and tourist factories, to provide people with a sense of leisure and intellectual education of the place. The park has facilities such as salt hall, sea hot spring bathing area, tour and experience activities, gift sales center and so on. It is the only sightseeing factory which combines the high-tech salt production and salt industry education.

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