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Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce Factory

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  • No.25, Yanping Rd., Xiluo Township, Yunlin County 648, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 05-5863666

Maruzen Soy Sauce was founded in 1909, for the West Lake region has a long history of soy sauce brand, founder Chuangqing Lin old man inherited ancient law brewing technology, with the unique water quality and climate in the West, and laid a pillar of the pillow sauce in the future " Healthy, natural, delicious ", has always been deep by the consumer's affirmation and love with. In order to inherit the culture of brewing soy sauce, Maruzen, in combination with sightseeing and culture, was selected as the "Soy Sauce Sightseeing Factory" in Taiwan. The transformation and upgrading of the old factory building will be carried out. After the overall design of the redevelopment, the new ideas and charm will be displayed. , To understand Taiwan's traditional black bean shade brewing process.

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