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Dou Lan Hao De Bai Handmade Shop

Good things to take pendulum, like to BUY, leave the time SAY goodbye! Dulan good waved art shop is located in the Dulan New East sugar factory, the boss homi like to make friends from each other, this small art In the store show friends of the wonderful creation, is a lot of sightseeing books will be mentioned in the Taitung treasure point. There are many exquisite shops in the station of the exquisite workmanship, from the hand cross stitch to the bark cap, the moon peach basket to each meaning are different glass beads, the artist painted to all kinds of wood, good put these Hand-made good texture show in front of everyone, the store's music creation album area are also very unique, are independent creation or selection of Aboriginal album, in a good pendulum every creation has its story, to To Du Lan must be good to fee.

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