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  • No.113, Wai’an, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 881, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Penghu West Island outside the three scenic spots - lighthouse, West Taiwan, three Sendai. [Lighthouse] full of early autumn, Taiwan Penghu and the mainland between the commercial trade four scale. Taiwan, Penghu and Xiamen between the ship flocked. But during the Penghu monsoon, wind and waves strong, extremely dangerous, frequent shipyard. To this end Qianlong 43 years, Xiamen County Bo and Penghu Chuan Tong Yi is outside the Weng Island outside the southwest of the highlands, the construction of seven stone pagodas, tower before the worship of heavenly Virgin. The top of the tower to a large wok filled with peanut oil, lit the night with light. According to the first year of Guangxu officially opened in 1875 so far, for the two monuments. [West Taiwan castle] This is the Qing Guangxu 12 years to see the fort. Guangxu 10 years, the Sino-French war, the law will pull the rate of the Far East team attack me Taiwan Peng. Taiwan frequently critical, fortunately Liu Mingchuan struggling to keep, and was built in Taiwan Peng Peng Fort 10, to fight against the French and Penghu exclusive four. Taixi castle scale is quite large, very hard construction, 14 years in Guangxu completed. In order to maintain the original style of the ancient town, especially in the Republic of China 79 renovation completed, tied for a monument and preserved quite complete. [San Sendai] outside the terrain dustpan shape, surrounded by the sea, one side of the sea, east and west long, and [cause the villagers to suspicion is "difficult to short life, female longevity", so the village name set up "three cents tower" that town evil. Events over the years, about the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years.

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