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Magong garden Community Development Association

The garden community is located in the Penghu Bay area, a typical traditional fishing village. It is the main aquaculture oyster production area in Penghu County. At present, the community combines the art of discarding oyster shells and cooperates with local fishermen to recreate recreational fishery. Fishing village life, as well as the waste oyster shell recycling, in addition to the production of large-scale installation art, the use of oyster shell for the production of hand-made products, and the activities of the center as a base to provide residents and visitors to relax, so that visitors can more truly understand the fishing village life. The neighborhood is both: Dongan Palace, sea ranch, large oyster shell art lantern, oyster shell installation art wall, 3D stereoscopic area, garden wetland, Shuanghu Park, vegetable garden bike lane, watch the park, soil and water conservation classrooms, Jade Court, electric car filling station and other attractions and facilities. There are other gates, chromosomes, bed and breakfast, our bed and breakfast, our new restaurant, red tile small stack, Valentine's Wharf barbecue, star marine ranch and other tourism-related industries.

About a five-minute ride from Magong Airport and from the city center.