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Gilly primavera Cafe

Linchun Cafe is located in Lake Township, Lin Xixiang forest investment park, only about 5 minutes away from the airport bus, the famous attractions for the narrow door of the beach, fruit leaf view sunrise, North Liao Qiaosan Moses sub-sea, South Liu Community and so on. 2. provide simple meals and a variety of drinks, the environment is relaxed outside the cafe is the long coastline of the beach, outdoor area greeted the golden sand and blue sky and sea water. 3. Enjoy the coffee in the light of the trees between the trees and the trees, the quiet afternoon and the lover, the friends and family, and the most popular hiking places in Penghu, experience the life of the city, Absorb Fen more refined, while listening to the waves of the blue sea stroking the sandy beaches rustling.

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