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Rende Service Area

  • TrafficToilet24HWi-Fi
  • No. 1-16, Zhongzhou, Zhongzhou Village, Rende District, Tainan City
  • 06-2780615
  • Open 24 hours (the service counter operates from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.)

The Rende Service Area is located at the border of Tainan and Kaohsiung. It is the southernmost service area of National Freeway No.1 and is divided into northbound and southbound sides. Its urban garden design aims to provide a warm, refreshing environment for visitors. The transparent spaces in the lobby and shopping areas enhance the sense of brightness and comfortableness. Images of Bao’an Station and Tainan decorate the service area. The northbound side was designed as a modern-style rest area while the southbound side was constructed with traditional Taiwanese elements.

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