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Xihu Service Area

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  • No. 29, Puding, Hudong Village, Xihu Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan
  • 037-920585
  • Open 24 hours (the service counter operates from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.)

The overall design of the Xihu Service Area is based on the fundamental geometric shapes—the triangle, square, and circle—and the surrounding natural environment. The layout and functions of the service area were designed to take convenience of visitors into consideration. The Xihu Service Area’s main buildings follow the contours of the land it was built on and were designed to allow a smooth flow of movement. The northbound side is built like a traditional four courtyard structure, with a series of buildings separated by courtyards, and includes a large outdoor piazza, while the southbound side is a long rectangular building with an interior courtyard. The two sides are connected by an arch bridge. The exterior of the buildings are decorated with natural elements such as stone, and glass and metal elements to represent the pure, sensitive, high-tech, aesthetic 21st century.

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