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Chef Fa’s Xiehe Foods Company

  • Shopping
  • No.229, Tangqi Vil., Beigan Township, Lienchiang County
  • 0836-55236
  • 08:00~21:30

Xiehe was founded at Tangqi, Beigan, in 1976 by Mr. Wang Dunfa, who aspired to further develop the spirit of the traditional crafts of Mazu. For nearly forty years, Xiehe has carried on the production of such traditional local desserts as Mazu shortcake, furong shortcake, pastry with shredded turnip filling, and golden sweet potato dumplings, as well as a variety of traditional bridal cakes. Xiehe’s products are the favorite of the locals.

The store is very close to airport. It taks 1-2 minrtes to walk there.