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Ming Yi Tang (handmade incesen factory and religion shop)

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  • No.452, Zhongzheng Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 03-3341171
  • AM 08:00 ~ PM 10 :00(08:00~22:00)

"Ming Yi Tang" was founded 55 years the Taiwan, the founder of Mr. Chen Zhuanyi Mr. Chen Jingwan second generation inherited the founder's philosophy, childhood began to study natural raw materials extracted from natural plants or herbs, handmade incense learning technology, and has its own factory, has been making every one with integrity in each incense only have our mind, conscience, really, as we provide the best quality.By burning incense People can stable mind and purify our soul. We product Handmade incense also offers a variety of Religion items, candles.

Ming Yi Tang is more than your typical incense shop. The shop's third generation successor - Mr Chen Dingxian understands the importance of access to local travel information. He previously had the experience of going on a working holiday in Australia. When he discovered that the Taiwan Tourism Board was looking for people to set up new information stations, he immediately volunteered, with a vision of creating a friendly and multi-lingual environment for tourists. Apart from providing travel related information, he also provides simple amenities like WiFi. The Chinese lanterns, incense paper and huge red candles are items that often capture the attention of the foreigners. While conversing with the owner and listening to his stories, foreigners also get the chance to better understand Taiwanese temple culture; helping spread the Taiwanese culture around the world.──Discovery At Every Door

Downtown Bus: Taoyuan train station to take the city buses → Costco GR, 151 Road, 152 Road, 117 Road, arrived within 10 minutes and the 9023 Road Walking: Station along Zhongzheng Road → 20 minutes walk from Taoyuan Train Taoyuan Night Market, walk three minutes to arrive