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Tina’s Kitchen (Bade branch)

  • Food
  • No. 1315, Xingfeng Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City (inside Bade Pond Ecology Park)
  • (03)365-0329
  • Monday - Sunday: 09:30-21:00

"Located in Taoyuan’s Bade Pond Ecology Park, the restaurant has rich natural ecological resources in addition to an excellent landscape. Being in the Ecology Park, you will be surrounded by amazing views and lush vegetation. The restaurant itself is a green building with wooden structure. Hence, the equipment was chosen based on the principle of energy conservation, and carbon and pollution reduction. To make its surroundings more attractive, a large number of flowers and plants have been planted in various seasons. In terms of food, we are devoted to the promotion of natural, healthful, organic and delicious concepts. The food is presented in its fully original flavor, free of genetically modified materials, chemical additives, or contamination of residual fertilizers and pesticides and not finely processed. When you are at TINA Kitchen Bade Branch, you will be able to taste natural and organic delicacies while enjoying the most representative natural ecology park in Taoyuan!"

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