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Yixuan Farm (Uncle Achang Gourmet Diner & Homestay)

Yixuan Farm was initially a farm that planted lotus and melons; later it opened a restaurant named “Uncle Achang Gourmet Diner,” which prepares the most authentic Hakka dishes using the produce grown and picked by local farmers. Mr. Huang, Cheng-Chang, the owner and chef, has excellent cooking skills and is loved by customers. Currently, he has been putting great emphasis on developing the restaurant. As a result, the restaurant has enjoyed a great reputation and is known as the most authentic Hakka restaurant in Guanyin. Yixuan Farm has preserved half a hectare of land for planting lotus, allowing visitors to see the beautiful lotus. After the leisure farm area was established in Guanyin in 2017, we founded the first B&B. Its spacious and clean rooms and tranquil surroundings will guarantee a comfortable stay. You are you family are welcome to visit Uncle Achang Gourmet Diner to enjoy delicacies and stay at our B&B to experience the beauty of Guanyin.

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