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Shin Feng Farm

A farmer's hard work, a warm and simple heart; sweat and the crystallization of the heart, to bring you the taste of happiness. Located in Taichung City, the back garden ~ new agency ~ a farmhouse always with the most warm and most simple heart, hospitality for every visit to the visitors. Xinfeng's traveler can always feel the farmer's most simple touched, can appreciate the rural simple life. Through the strong purple vineyards, taste the taste of freshly picked fresh fruit, give you a different pastoral style, Xinfeng farm and visitors to share the little joy of the story of the farm. The farm is naturally cultivated in a netroom, bagged, clean and hygienic, and the fruit is plentiful and sweet. Let us return to this piece of land experience the most real touched the new peak farm at first simply just Chen boss's orchard only

Take Taichung Bus route 100 or Fengyuan Bus route 55 in front of the Taichung Railway Station and get off at Tanxiu Borough stop.