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Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Shopping Area

The information point provides a wide range of services, such as tourist information and luggage storage. It also comes with a food & beverages area and a souvenir shop. 
The services are as follows: 
1. Free Wi-Fi
2. Tourist information
3. Free travel flyers
4. Toilets
5. Free drinking water
6. Free battery recharge
7. Free bicycle air pumps
8. Language services - Mandarin, English & Taiwanese
9. 24hr luggage storage
Small storage: 42*42*58cm
Large storage: 84*42*52cm 

Public transport
By bus: Nantou Bus (Taichung-Sun Moon Lake), King Bus (Taipei-Sun Moon Lake)
By train / THSR: From THSR Taichung Station, take Nantou Bus (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle) to Sun Moon Lake (Shuishe)

By car: 
From central or northern Taiwan: National Highway 3 → Wufeng System Interchange / switch to National Highway 6 → Get off at Ailan Interchange → Puli → Yuchi → Sun Moon Lake (Shuishe)
From southern Taiwan: National Highway 3 → Get off at Zhushan Interchange → Jiji → Shuili → Sun Moon Lake (Shuishe)