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Jingya Farmers Market

ingya Farmers Market is uniquely positioned at the Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway, right across Donghe Buns. It is a friendly platform to promote quality local goods and agricultural products in Taitung. You can find various environmentally-friendly cultivated seasonal crops, handmade crafts and specialties here. Join us! Eat locally, buy local products and cherish our land.

GO north: Go north from Taitung City, take the 11th line of the East Coast Station along the Zhonghua Bridge, go through the Xiaoyeliu, Suwon Beach, the water to the upper stream, the Golden Dragonfly, and pass the Golden Dragonfly for 10 minutes, opposite the Donghe Buns on the 11th line. South Down: Take the 11th line from Hualien City, 2 minutes via Donghe Bridge, opposite the Donghe Buns on the 11th line. Mass transit North: From the Taitung Railway Station to the success, Jingpu, or Hualien's Dingdong passenger transport, Taiwan's good travel sea line shuttle, get off at Donghe Baozi Station, you can arrive by indicator. South: From Hualien Railway Station, take the Hualien Passenger Sea Line Shuttle to Taitung and other places, get off at Donghe Baozi Station and follow the indicators. For detailed timetables and fare, please contact Hualien Passenger Transport (inquiry: 03-8338146~8) or Dingdong Passenger Transport Line (inquiry: 089-328629 / 089-333443)