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Baiguo Mountain Explore Paradise

  • Food
  • No. 15-30, Chushui Ln., Yuanlin City, Changhua County 510
  • 04-8369411
  • Monday to Sunday

In Taiwan, there is a group of people, who love dinosaurs, tried to understand deeply and completely about the Baiguo Mountain. Baiguo Mountain, which has been renovated many times, imprinted deeply childhood memories on those people who are currently in their sixties. After the exploration team learned the existence of this precious land, with several months’ effort, they injected the new blood to this land and built the first Jurassic Park in Taiwan with the real forest and land. The construction work was finished on December 21, 2016. In order to appreciate this land. This park was named “Baiguo Mountain Explore Paradise”. This paradise not only reproduced the scenery, which reflects the memories of those people in their sixties, but also added a new dinosaur theme for parents and children. Inside the Paradise, there are parent-child restaurants, which provide delicious food and drink, hoping that visitors can hop on the time machine and experience the primary jungle world.

Please take (Route 6915) of Chuang Hua Bus, and get off the bus at Lintso Station.