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Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center

  • Food
  • No. 1, Qingshuiyan Rd., Shetou Township, Changhua County
  • 04-8710306
  • Tuesday to Sunday

Shetou is the hometown of the hosiery; however,“Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center” collects abundant and precious insect specimens. It would become an important location for ecological tourism along Bagua Mountains. Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center was founded by tri-mountain National Scenic Center of Tourism Bureau, MOTC; Nantou Forest District Office, Forest Bureau of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan; Changhua County Government; and Shetou Township Office. There are hundreds of precious insect specimens collected in this center, and Hung Chih Chang, a retired teacher, has donated almost one thousand of his collections of specimens to the center for permanent display, and in turn allowed for the preservation of a complete collection for ecological conservation education in Bagua Mountains.

Please take (Route 6915) of Chuang Hua Bus, and get off the bus at Lintso Station. Please take Qingshuiyan Route of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Route 11), and get off the bus at Qingshuiyan Temple. Please take Taiwan Railways to Shetou Station.