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Pickled Mustard Cultural Center

  • FoodToiletWi-Fi
  • No.665, Minsheng Rd., Dapi Township, Yunlin County 631, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 05-5911071
  • Tue. to Sun. 9:00–11:30 & 14:00–17:00

There are about 5 hectares of mustard greens pickled area at pickled mustard greens specialized zone in Dapi Township. In 2003, we had obtained the subsidy from Local Cultural Hall of Council for Cultural Affairs and established Pickled Mustard Cultural Center. We have a lot of sections to display every kinds of equipment that farmers used to plow and pickle mustard greens. Also, there are pictures that can remind people of their childhood and let people acquire great tradition that our ancestry have-Love and treasure what we have.


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