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Hinoki Village

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  • No.1, Linsen E Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City
  • 05-2761601
  • 10:00 ~ 18:00

Within the Hinoki Village there are 28 Japanese style historical wooden houses, each divided into different classes based on their form and structure; the highest class is reserved for 1 senior executive, second highest is for 2 executives, and the lowest class houses are for family dependants. Furthermore, the modern day Hinoki Village features a public bath house and numerous guest shops in order to reproduce the ingenuity of the structural layout of the original Hinoki Village.

The planning process took 4 years to reproduce the historical Japanese dormitory life style, giving us a glimpse into the early lives of the people involved in the Alishan forestry development. The Hinoki Village has become a huge asset for local education as it has preserved the cultural significance and historical buildings. Thus, we can travel back in time and fully immerse ourselves into the culture and history of our ancestors. As we step into the village and slide the wooden doors open, the beautiful scent of Cypress trees fill our lungs with passion and innovation that is inspired from the story of our ancestors.

1. Take the train or BRT to Chiayi Station, then you can rent a motorcycle. The commute by motorcycle is 5 minues.
2. Take the train or BRT to Chiayi Station. You can walk along Linseng W. Rd to the Hinoki Village. The commute on foot will be 20 minutes.
3. Take the High Speed Rail to the HSR Chiayi Station, then transfer to the BRT and take it to Chiayi station, then transfer to public bus transportation (Urban 6th Rd.) to the Hinoki Village. The commute on public bus will be 20 minutes.

Directions for driving

1. National Freeway No. 1  → Chiayi Interchange  →  Towards Chiayi  → Continue straight onto Beigang Rd (County Highway 159) →  left turn Bo’ai Rd (Provincal Highway 1)  →  Cross the Bo’ai Rd Bridge  →  Right turn onto Zhongxiao Rd  →  continue straight onto Linseng E. Rd  →  Hinoki Village
2. National Freeway No. 3  → Zhuqi Interchange  → Towards Chiayi in the direction of Linseng E. Rd  →  Continue straight onto Zhongxiao Rd.  → Hinoki Village