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Zhongxing New Village, completed in 1957, is a planned town owned by Taiwan Government. Covering an area of about 200 hectares, this village has picturesque landscapes made up of the Lotus Pond, golden shower trees, green spaces, various plants, and tree-lined avenues. Therefore, it has become a popular spot for people to either ride a bike to explore this area or simply fly a kite and run on the grassland. The rise of cultural and creative industries in recent years has also attracted many local youth to station at Zhongxing New Village, making it a popular holiday destination in central Taiwan.

To Taichung Railway Station, take the Zongda Bus (Taichung-Shuili via Zhongxing New Village) and get off at Guangmingli Post Office or Service Department Station. The journey takes about 1 hour. After getting off the bus, walk along Zhongzheng Road/Taiwan Line 14B and head south After walking about 120 meters, turn left at Guangming Road/Tou 13 Xiangdao, walk 180 meters to the traffic light intersection of the Office of Political Affairs, and turn left at the entrance of the first alley on the right.