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Leiyuan Fish Restaurant

  • FoodToilet
  • N711 Sankeng Sec. Zhongzheng Rd. Longtan Dist. Taoyuan City 325
  • 03-4711-777
  • 10:00am-20:00pm

There are many reservoirs around Taiwan, but the live fish of Shi-men Reservoir are the most famous, and the live fish of Shiyuan Restaurant have the greatest reputation. The founder, Mr. Chen Hui Ching, created the legendary Shi-men fresh fish. At that time, he also set up a fish selection area so that customers could select the live fish they liked. Mr. Chen continues his wonderful flavor and innovative dishes: he pioneered in preparing sweet and sour live fish and deep-fried, fish to break loose from the conventional three ways of preparing fish. The featured banquet of a hundred fish for Lai-fish has established the custom of eating live fish at Shi-men. Over the last 35 years, the restaurant has earned several outstanding awards; for instance, it was named one of the top 10 best stores around Taiwan by 7-11, and the media have given it a great deal of attention. Most importantly, Shiyuan has even won over the critical palates of countless gourmets, making itself the leading brand name for live fish cuisine.

Private vehicle: Get off at Lung-tam interchange on Highway No. 2 towards Shi-men Reservoir, make a left onto Zhong-zhen Road, passing Shang-hua and San-lin-duan