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Chun Fa Sao Restaurant (Lishan Chun Fa Farm)

Chun Fa Farm is managed by the Farm Father from Atayal Tribe and Farm Mother who is a Mainlander. The farm covers an area of around two acres, recording the history of their hardworking in the past forty years.
In the past few years, the public sector works very hard to supervise tribal agriculture in their transformation into eco-tourism industry. Through relevant training courses and operating mechanism, the farm we see today was established.
We welcome you to visit our farm so that we can share with you the pleasant climate, the landscape surrounded by mountains and rivers, local stories, home cooking, local homegrown produce, and the warmth of home in Lishan.

1. Take Fengyuan Bus Transportation (866, 866 Zone 2) and get off the bus at Songmao Station.
2. Take Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation (1751, 1764) and get off the bus at Songmao Station.