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Ba Bao Zhen Agricultural Hall

Ba Bao Zhen Agricultural Hall was originally a warehouse used by Ershui Township Farmers' Association, which has been idled for many years. In the past few years, the Farmers’ Association renovated it as a café near Ba Bao Zhen. Visitors who come to Ershui to get close to the nature and enjoy the landscape can also have a break here. Other than coffee and meals, there are a lot of produces for purchase here. It is only 10 minutes by foot to Ershui Station with easy traffic access.
“Farmers’ Market” is held here regularly to sell the vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers. In addition, “Neng Ching Band” will perform live Saxophone. Farmers and visitors join and enjoy the event together.

1. Take Yuan Lin Bus (6701 / 6702) and get off the bus at Dingpu Station.
2. Take Taiwan Railways to Ershui Station.