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Pin Shiang Tea Co., Ltd.

  • ShoppingWi-Fi
  • No. 166, Songling St., Mingjian Township, Nantou County
  • 049-2580856
  • Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00; Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Strictly select excellent high-mountain tea gardens in Taiwan and carry out strict quality requirements from tea picking to tea roasting. The company develops unique “low-temperature tea brewing and roasting method’ to completely keep the freshness of tea leaves.

Each process of growing and cultivating is strictly followed. A management method of going with the nature is adopted based on the demands of soils and tea trees in order to keep each tea garden pure without pollution as well as retain endless cycle of land life and maintain sustainability.

  • Take Chang Hua Bus (Route 6928, Route 6928A) and get off the bus at Zhongxing Radio Station. Then walk for about 8 minutes to reach the destination.
  • Take Taiwan Railways to Yuanquan Railway Station, walk for about 16 minutes to reach the destination.