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Sanwan Tongjing Fairyland Exhibition Hall

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  • No. 9, Tongguoliao, Tongjing Vil., Sanwan Township, Miaoli County
  • 037-833728 / 0975-185629
  • Monday, Wednesday 10:00-18:00 ; Closed on Tuesdays

“Sanwan Tongjing Fairyland Exhibition Hall” is located at Tongjing Village in Sanwan Township. It originates from the local “Tongjing Yuanlichun Farn”, which produces handmade soy sauce, sauce, and Indian Gooseberry. Due to the presence of tung blossom everywhere in the farm and making the place so beautiful like a place for fairy, it is then called “Tongjing Fairyland”.

The owner of the farm loves arts and engages with the mission of regaining arts when he found the talent of Mr. Jung-Tian Lo, who is a local Hakka miner, in wood-fired kiln and calligraphy. Therefore, he started to invite artists to stay in the farm and share the beauty in living, hoping to bring art aesthetics to every corner in the countryside.

There are artworks from many famous artists exhibited in the hall, including international watercolor master, Yang-Chun Chen; Ping—Chuan Hsu, who is disciple of Da-Chien Chang; calligraphy master Yi-Fu Hsieh, and ceramics maters such as Fu-Huan Lai, Han-Gan Wu, and Jung-Tian Lo. Visitors can enjoy wood-fired craft, calligraphy, watercolor painting, and oil painting and feel free to share art aesthetics.

  • Take Miaoli Motor Transportation (Route 5804, Route 5805, Route 5806) and get off the bus at Emeiqiaotou Station. Then walk for about 2 minutes to reach the destination.