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Lion’s Head Mountain (Shitoushan) Quanhua Temple

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  • No. 242, Shishan Vil., Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County
  • 037-822020
  • Monday to Sunday 06:00-17:00

 Lion’s Head Mountain Quanhua Temple was built in 1897, and it is located at the hillside of front range of Lion’s Head Mountain. Among all of the temples in Lion’s Head Mountain, Quanhua Temple is the largest in scale and possesses the most magnificent appearance.

The hall was built with original nature cave, and the body of the temple is embedded in the cave. The appearance of Quanhua Temple is splendid, and inside of the temple is decorated with stone carving, wood carving, and color painting. It is simple but graceful and contains abundant and diverse traditional artworks. It is worthwhile to pay a visit and appreciate it in detail.

  • Take Miaoli Motor Transportation (Route 5804, Route 5805, Route 5806) and get off the bus at Longmenkou Station. Then walk for about 28 minutes to reach the destination.