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Baileng Steamed Bun (Yi Xuan Shop)

Hidden in the small grocery shop, the steamed bun is the delicacy only known by gourmets. All buns are hand-made by rolling the dough, stuffing, and steaming at site. Take a bite, and you will find the texture of the bun is soft and release light flour fragrance while the stuffing is fresh and delicious. It is something that you must not miss when visiting Baileng.

Baileng Steamed Bun has been established for 60 years. After witnessing Taiwan Restoration, The Floods on August 7th 1959, 921 Earthquake, Typhoon Mindulle, the declining of old central cross-island highway, and the emerging of new central cross-island highway, the highway has been diverted but we are still here to insist passing on the skill from grandmother, the traditional flavor that is known for 60 years.

  • Take Fengyuan Bus Transportation (Route 153, Route 153 auxiliary, Route 207, Route 266, Route 266 round-trip, Route 267, Route 850) and get off the bus at Baileng Station.  Then walk for about 2 minutes to reach the destination.