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  • No. 36, Lileng Ln., Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City
  • 04-25942829
  • 24 hours

Goya is built upon the tone of spring water and supported with wild rock, a sea of clouds, and Taiwan Pine as the extension. It uses natural and raw materials to create a clear landscape; its neat style of design releases a low-profile and calm holiday atmosphere. Goya, surrounded by mountains, combines nature with elements of art and humanity and demonstrates high quality. Learned from the Japanese spirits for service, and we expect each visitor who comes to Goya will enjoy our sincere hospitality.

  • Take Fengyuan Bus Transportation (Route 266 round-trip) and get off the bus at Lileng Activity Center Station.  Then walk for about 11 minutes to reach the destination.