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7milefog B&B

The unique scenery of East Rift Valley is the clouds and mists in the mountains, the 7-mile fog. Overlooking Central Mountain Range from 7Milefog B&B, you will find the beautiful landscape and poetic white clouds and mists in front of you as if you lived in the painting.
The local people here live a simple slow life. Come here to fully relax yourself and enjoy the carefree country life blending in with the natural surroundings. You will fall in love with the place because the owner and his wife are very hospitable. Come to feel it!
The mountain clouds and mists, one of the characteristics on County Road No.193 of East Rift Valley, is called the 7-mile fog by local people. When the public look at Dongfeng, it is like observing flowers through the mist. As The Peach Blossom Spring by Tao Yuanmin suggests, only when the visitors walk through the 7-mile fog can they discover the beauty of Dongfeng Community.