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Along Gaillardia Island Travel& Humanities Space

  • PlayWi-Fi
  • 44(1F)Zhougxing Rd. Magong, Penghu
  • 06-9260302
  • (一)April to October:10 AM to PM〈二〉November to March:1 PM to 7 PM(flexible adjustment)

With a humanistic angle, Along Gaillardia Island assembles a comprehensive Penghu information navigation database. From the website to the physical space, Along Gaillardia Island Strives for what is local and thoroughly examines the defining characteristics of living and traveling. By doing so, Along Gaillardia Island Introduces the beauty of Penghu to trovelers from around the globe. Most of all, Along Gaillardia Isand Combines the presentation platform of the local’s culturally designed products and industrial innovation with the travel service platform that is both intellectually and emotionally challenging.

It takes a 15-minute ride by taxi from the airport.