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FamilyMart (Qimei, Penghu)

  • Shopping24HWi-Fi
  • No26-17,Nangang Village,Qimei Countryside,Penghu County
  • 06-9971863
  • 24 hours

Visiting Penghu, you absolutely should not miss the romantic Qimei double heart stone weir. The double heart stone weir, located in Qimei Township, is a top tourist destination, especially for romantic couples who wish that visiting the double heart weir will bestow a blessing! The Qimei weir is formed by two stone heart-shaped weirs built end to end, forming a scene of two romantic soulmates connected, like two lovers snuggling. As the fame of the double heart stone weir has spread, it has become synonymous with Penghu tourism. The very first Family Mart convenience store in Penghu was established in Qimei for tourists and locals, providing 24/7 year-round service..

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