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FamilyMart (Magong, Penghu)

  • ShoppingToilet24HWi-Fi
  • No61,Zhong-qingStreet, Magong City, Penghu County
  • 06-9276458
  • 24 hours

The Penghu Family Mart convenience store in Makung city center is located close to restaurants and businesses in the most prosperous area of Penghu. Nearby well-known attractions include the Star of Jyu Island, Fisherman's Wharf, Tien Queen Temple, Central Street, and Guanyin Pavilion. Guanyin Pavilion is the main location of the annual tourist event - the Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival. The fireworks festival was established to brand Penghu county as a high-quality tourism destination, and the festival annually attracts a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists who come to experience the opening of the annual tourist season. Even from our shop doorways, tourists may observe the fireworks show which will leave visitors wonderful memories.

Bus, car, and motorcycle.